About Marc Hoffman

My professional focus is the creation of communications using digital and print technologies. This is done in the context of integrating web sites, social media, interactive media, and print, leveraging those formats against one another to maximize effective messaging.

My background is in fine arts, writing, and music, with a masters degree in community organizing, management, and planning. Persistently drawn toward work in the digital realm, I earned a Certificate in [digital] Multimedia at the University of Washington in 1998. I went on to teach courses in interactive media and to create everything from animated banners to award-winning university-level courseware.

I work extensively with the Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop (graphic design), Dreamweaver (web creation), Premiere (video), Lightroom (photography), Illustrator (print layout), Flash (interactive media), and Audition (audio). As founder and head of Poison Dart Frog Media, I have directed scores of successful projects through the entire production cycle.

I’m also an award-winning photographer of nature and people. My idea of fun is getting a stunning shot of a Great Blue Heron from my kayak, or of a hip hop artist from the dance floor, then adding a compelling narrative, and sharing the results on social media.

Contact Information

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Phone: (425) 256-1200 (mobile, U.S. Pacific Time Zone)
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