Audio Loops

Screenshot of the Adobe Audition audio editor interface.

Sound loops are typically lighweight audio files that repeat seamlessly to provide a background effect. Creating them poses several challenges:

  • Short loops become monotonous, while long loops take too much time to download
  • Loops should reinforce the message, not distract from it
  • A good loop will have a smooth transition as it repeats

Poison Dart Frog Media "Jungle Loop"

This first loop is from my original business website, Poison Dart Frog Media. I improvised some music on my African marimba. I added some recordings of birds. Lastly, I bought a dozen crickets from the pet store, raised them to maturity, and mixed their chirps into the loop.

Blues Guitar Riff

Here's a guitar riff I composed for an old online portfolio. The UI had complementary sounds. You'll hear one such sound when you play, then pause, this clip.

Tools Used

  • Marimba, guitar
  • Original jungle recordings
  • Live crickets
  • Adobe Audition to record, edit, and export the audio