Blog Post: Crow-Mind

American Crow. Click for larger image.

American Crow, photo by M. Hoffman. Click for larger image.

I publish a blog on my photography website, It’s a way to promote and disseminate my work and to help others connect with nature. I usually cross-post a synopsis to Facebook and might post a photo now and then to Pinterest.

Here’s a blog about crows:

“Seattle is a city of crows. And they have a nasty reputation. Folks here know them as picnic terrorists, garden plunderers, and (on garbage-collection days) maniacal strewers of trash. We know them also as destroyers of nests (they eat eggs and baby birds) and as ruthless mobbers of hawks, owls, and eagles.
“Crows are also brilliantly intelligent and highly socialized. And we keep learning more and more impressive facts about their minds and behaviors.”

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