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Facebook design, setup, and maintenance with a metrics-based goal of engaging an increasing number of followers. Additionally, integration with other media and platforms including Xbox.

My Facebook Page

My Facebook page

My personal Facebook page is proving to be more useful to my business than my branded page.

Of the local musicians and performers I’ve been photographing, nearly all have their own pages. Friending them and tagging their photos on my page helps me build a  base of potential clients Read more

Dance Photos               

***. Click for larger, uncropped version.

Manimou Camara. Click for larger, uncropped version.

The greatest challenge in photographing dancers like these is resisting the urge to move!

As with my other photos, these often find a place on Facebook pages and other social and promotional media.

Manimou Camara is a master drummer and dancer from the nation of Guinea, in West Africa. He now lives in Seattle where he teaches and performs. Read more

Music Performance Photos

Marvin Shields, Jr., plays bass for Global Heat. Click for larger, uncropped version.

Marvin Shields, Jr., plays bass for Global Heat. Click for larger, uncropped version.

I’ve photographed scores of local and international musicians. My photos have been published in Facebook pages, websites, posters, YouTubes, and CD jackets.

Marvin Shields, Jr., an enthusiastic and skilled bass player, shown here performing with hip hop band Global Heat at the Experience Music Project, Seattle.

Marvin can always be counted on for his tasteful but punchy playing and his great big smile. Read more

Blog Post: Crow-Mind

American Crow. Click for larger image.

American Crow, photo by M. Hoffman. Click for larger image.

I publish a blog on my photography website, It’s a way to promote and disseminate my work and to help others connect with nature. I usually cross-post a synopsis to Facebook and might post a photo now and then to Pinterest.

Here’s a blog about crows:

“Seattle is a city of crows. And they have a nasty reputation. Folks here know them as picnic terrorists, garden plunderers, and (on garbage-collection days) maniacal strewers of trash. Read more