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This audio production tool allows simple recording as well as complex mixing and editing. It can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with other software including Adobe Premiere, which can send audio tracks to Audition and back without either program being closed down during editing. Audition allows complex effects, time stretching/shrinking, volume adjustment to automatically normalize a batch of audio files, and file conversion (Windows .wav, Applie .aiff, MP3, and many other formats), just to name a few of its capabilities.

WordPress Website for Linda Waterfall, Musician

Homepage for Click to visit the website.

Homepage for Click to visit the website.

Linda Waterfall is a nationally-acclaimed composer, songwriter, and performer. She first hired me for several promotional photo shoots, then to design two CD packages, and most recently to rebuild her website from the ground up.

Since Linda enjoys writing and technology, WordPress was a logical choice for the site platform. We worked in close collaboration to develop a site that met her requirements: Read more

Instructional Design: Digital Audio Presentation

Screen shot from a presentation about digital audio

Screen shot from a presentation about digital audio

“Marc, your Digital Audio Presentation is phenomenal—you take a highly technical subject and make it understandable to a broad audience. I appreciate your excellent sense of organization, the use of interactive graphics, and your wonderful sense of humor. Thanks for being a regular presenter at our annual nature-recording workshop.”
  —Martyn Stewart,

Digital audio is a topic fraught with mystery, misconceptions, and misused terminology. Because I enjoy the challenge of making abstract concepts intelligible to non-techies, I created a presentation on this subject which I’ve been invited to deliver numerous times. One element of the presentation is the interactive Klezmer Frog Band that allows the user to play sound engineer to a band of amphibian musicians. Read more

YouTube: A Guided Visualization Exercise

YouTube: Guided Visualization at

My website client Carolyn Koehnline wanted to give prospective clients a sense of her psychotherapeutic style. Since she uses guided visualization in her work, I suggested offering one exercise as a video.

YouTube integrates easily with websites and social media, and its built-in search engine Read more

Audio Loops

Screenshot of the Adobe Audition audio editor interface.

Sound loops are typically lighweight audio files that repeat seamlessly to provide a background effect. Creating them poses several challenges:

  • Short loops become monotonous, while long loops take too much time to download
  • Loops should reinforce the message, not distract from it
  • A good loop will have a smooth transition as it repeats Read more

Soundtrack: Port of Seattle Documentary

The Port of Seattle Centennial Video Documentary, "Voices of the Port." Listen to the soundtrack samples below.

The Port of Seattle Centennial Video Documentary, “Voices of the Port.” Listen to the soundtrack samples below.

The Port of Seattle commissioned videographer-producer Vaun Raymond to create a documentary commemorating their 2011 Centennial.

I’d worked with Vaun many times in the past, but this was our biggest project to date. Read more

WordPress Website:

The WordPress site. Click to visit the site.

The WordPress site. Click to visit the site. is the website of Carolyn Koehnline, a Bellingham psychotherapist who successfully uses a combination of formal psychotherapeutic techniques and creative exercises to help clients clear space for what they want in life.

When I created Carolyn’s first website in 2009, I made a point to understand her work, her target audience, and her personal style. Read more

E-Courseware: Biology for Engineers (University of Washington)

Click below to take the award-winning course, Biological Information Handling: Essentials for EngineersThis award-winning online learning module was created by an interdisciplinary team at University of Washington. Built in Flash, the interactive course teaches graduate engineering students learn about molecular biology through the use of:

  • Interactive graphics
  • Audio narration
  • Video content
  • Drag-and-drop exercises
  • Multiple-choice exams (with built-in remediation)
  • Dynamic placeholders that allow learning to span multiple sessions
    Read more