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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a spin-off of Photoshop designed specifically for the needs of professional photographers. It handles most of the adjustments achievable in Photoshop, but with a far more streamlined workflow. It also incorporates cataloging and fast retrieval of images, generates print and web assets, and protects original photos by using entirely non-destructive processes to implement and record edits.

Website: Duvall House Concerts

Duvall House Concerts Site. Click for larger image, or visit

When my wife and I moved to Duvall, Washington, we noticed there were not many local venues for live music. We decided to host a series of concerts in our home, where we could feature some of our favorite area musicians in a friendly setting. It’s been a great way to contribute to our community while promoting something dear to us: music.

The website promotes upcoming concerts, accepts seat reservations, displays photos and videos of past concerts, and includes a contact form.

I write all copy on the website, which we use in conjunction with Facebook announcements, MailChimp emails, and local press releases. Read more

WordPress Website for Linda Waterfall, Musician

Homepage for Click to visit the website.

Homepage for Click to visit the website.

Linda Waterfall is a nationally-acclaimed composer, songwriter, and performer. She first hired me for several promotional photo shoots, then to design two CD packages, and most recently to rebuild her website from the ground up.

Since Linda enjoys writing and technology, WordPress was a logical choice for the site platform. We worked in close collaboration to develop a site that met her requirements: Read more

Corporate and Event Photos

I treat corporate and other formal event photography very much like all my work: it’s all about getting in touch with the interactions and feelings of the subjects, sensing the right moment for a great shot, and knowing how to work the light, angle, and camera to the greatest advantage.

Here are shots ranging from corporate picnic to art exhibition to human rights consortium. Click the images to see larger versions.

A panel member at a Seattle University consortium addresses issues of human rights for incarcerated transgender women.

Alisha Williams of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, speaking at a Seattle University consortium addressing the rights and vulnerabilities of incarcerated transgender women.


Ellen O'Hara, CEO of Zetron Corporation in Redmond, Washington. Click for larger version.

Ellen O’Hara, CEO of Zetron Corporation in Redmond, Washington.


Human rights advocate Aidan Key speaks at the Kirkland Arts Center opening for Gender Personal. With Jacqui Beck.

Human rights advocate Aidan Key speaks at the Kirkland Arts Center opening for Gender Personal. With Jacqui Beck.

Read more

CD Packaging for Heart of the Earth

CD jacket design for Heart of the Earth (Liz Kohlenberg and Judith Gottlieb)

CD jacket design for Heart of the Earth (Liz Kohlenberg and Judith Gottlieb). Click for a larger version.

I was hired to design the package for this CD. Liz Kohlenberg and Judith Gottlieb (sisters) had decided to record an expertly-produced album of songs they’d written about their family and lives. It was important that the packaging convey the scope of the songs as well as the significance of the project itself.

For the front of the jacket, we used a painting by Liz’s daughter, Leah. I extrapolated the print color theme from there.

Read more

CD Packaging: Hometown Girl (Linda Waterfall)

Print design for CD jacket Hometown Girl, recorded by Linda Waterfall

Print design for CD jacket: Hometown Girl, recorded by Linda Waterfall. Click for larger version.

“Seattle’s Best Singer-Songwriter” (per Seattle Weekly) Linda Waterfall has hired me to produce the designs for her last 2 CD’s. This one included a 2-pocket jacket, 8-panel lyrics insert, and the disc label (see the jacket larger) Read more

HTML Email:

HTML Newsletter for

HTML Newsletter for Click image to read the newsletter.

I’m the webmaster and project photographer for, which raises public awareness of gender issues through recorded interviews and original multimedia (paintings, poetry, recorded interviews, and photos).

I co-wrote this HTML newsletter with project founder Jacqui Beck. I then did all the graphic layout, coding, testing, and dissemination of the newsletter using MailChimp. Click the image to view the actual newsletter in your browser. Read more

My Facebook Page

My Facebook page

My personal Facebook page is proving to be more useful to my business than my branded page.

Of the local musicians and performers I’ve been photographing, nearly all have their own pages. Friending them and tagging their photos on my page helps me build a  base of potential clients Read more

YouTube: A Guided Visualization Exercise

YouTube: Guided Visualization at

My website client Carolyn Koehnline wanted to give prospective clients a sense of her psychotherapeutic style. Since she uses guided visualization in her work, I suggested offering one exercise as a video.

YouTube integrates easily with websites and social media, and its built-in search engine Read more

WordPress Website:

The WordPress site. Click to visit the site.

The WordPress site. Click to visit the site. is the website of Carolyn Koehnline, a Bellingham psychotherapist who successfully uses a combination of formal psychotherapeutic techniques and creative exercises to help clients clear space for what they want in life.

When I created Carolyn’s first website in 2009, I made a point to understand her work, her target audience, and her personal style. Read more

Dance Photos               

***. Click for larger, uncropped version.

Manimou Camara. Click for larger, uncropped version.

The greatest challenge in photographing dancers like these is resisting the urge to move!

As with my other photos, these often find a place on Facebook pages and other social and promotional media.

Manimou Camara is a master drummer and dancer from the nation of Guinea, in West Africa. He now lives in Seattle where he teaches and performs. Read more

Music Performance Photos

Marvin Shields, Jr., plays bass for Global Heat. Click for larger, uncropped version.

Marvin Shields, Jr., plays bass for Global Heat. Click for larger, uncropped version.

I’ve photographed scores of local and international musicians. My photos have been published in Facebook pages, websites, posters, YouTubes, and CD jackets.

Marvin Shields, Jr., an enthusiastic and skilled bass player, shown here performing with hip hop band Global Heat at the Experience Music Project, Seattle.

Marvin can always be counted on for his tasteful but punchy playing and his great big smile. Read more

Circus Arts Photos: The Acrobatic Conundrum

Tanya Brno of the Acrobatic Conundrum. Click for larger, uncropped version.

Tanya Brno of the Acrobatic Conundrum. Click for larger, uncropped version.

The Acrobatic Conundrum is a relatively new circus arts group based in Seattle, WA, but already building a national reputation. They’ve engaged me to shoot a number of their shows.

In this shot, Tanya Brno sails over the stage on a rope. Read more

Blog Post: Crow-Mind

American Crow. Click for larger image.

American Crow, photo by M. Hoffman. Click for larger image.

I publish a blog on my photography website, It’s a way to promote and disseminate my work and to help others connect with nature. I usually cross-post a synopsis to Facebook and might post a photo now and then to Pinterest.

Here’s a blog about crows:

“Seattle is a city of crows. And they have a nasty reputation. Folks here know them as picnic terrorists, garden plunderers, and (on garbage-collection days) maniacal strewers of trash. Read more

Postcard: 4×6 Photo Exhibit Announcement

4x6 Photo exhibition announcement. Click for larger version.

4×6 photo exhibit announcement. Click for 920×613 version.

Here’s my design for a 4×6″ postcard announcing a  show of my nature photography (see it larger)

There’s something indisputably eye-catching about a wild animal turning to look at you. It’s a shot I’m always looking for—in this case, the animal was a Red-tailed Hawk, our most common hawk in the Northwest but one whose intensity never feels commonplace. Read more