Category: Instructional Design

Instructional Design (ID) goes hand-in-hand with a lot of Flash work. Consequently, I’ve often been involved in ID as both an interactivity consultant and a writer. I’ve had a direct hand in organizing and writing instructional copy for target audiences ranging from preschoolers to university graduate students.

Instructional Design: Digital Audio Presentation

Screen shot from a presentation about digital audio

Screen shot from a presentation about digital audio

“Marc, your Digital Audio Presentation is phenomenal—you take a highly technical subject and make it understandable to a broad audience. I appreciate your excellent sense of organization, the use of interactive graphics, and your wonderful sense of humor. Thanks for being a regular presenter at our annual nature-recording workshop.”
  —Martyn Stewart,

Digital audio is a topic fraught with mystery, misconceptions, and misused terminology. Because I enjoy the challenge of making abstract concepts intelligible to non-techies, I created a presentation on this subject which I’ve been invited to deliver numerous times. One element of the presentation is the interactive Klezmer Frog Band that allows the user to play sound engineer to a band of amphibian musicians. Read more

Flash Kiosk: Seattle Museum of Flight

Flash kiosk at the Museum of Flight. Click for larger, uncropped version.

Flash kiosk at the Museum of Flight. Click for larger, uncropped version.

When Seattle’s Museum of Flight set out to install their International Space Station (ISS) exhibit, they hired me to design and develop the Flash content delivery system for an interactive, touch-screen kiosk. Read more

E-Courseware: Biology for Engineers (University of Washington)

Click below to take the award-winning course, Biological Information Handling: Essentials for EngineersThis award-winning online learning module was created by an interdisciplinary team at University of Washington. Built in Flash, the interactive course teaches graduate engineering students learn about molecular biology through the use of:

  • Interactive graphics
  • Audio narration
  • Video content
  • Drag-and-drop exercises
  • Multiple-choice exams (with built-in remediation)
  • Dynamic placeholders that allow learning to span multiple sessions
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