Exhale! Pilates & Yoga Brochure (rewrite)

Editing Sample for Exhale Pilates & Yoga

Tri-fold brochure for Exhale! Pilates & Yoga, by sibyl.com

My task was to rewrite a brochure for a pilates & yoga studio. Marsha Dorman, the owner and operator, holds an MBA and is a strong writer. But she didn’t have time to edit and rewrite copy for her new brochure.

I met with Marsha and had her articulate her services, clientele, and marketing objectives. Marsha and I established a goal of reducing word count in order to allow more white space and a larger font that would be more legible to vision-impaired and older clients.

Using a concise but conversational style, I reduced the word count by over 25%. To call out key points, I rewrote some headers, used bulleted lists, and tightened the organization of service features. I incorporated several opportunities for client feedback while staying within my bid for hours and fees.

Quote from a client: "Thanks for everything...you've added a professional touch to this piece that I greatly appreciate."In the last phases of the project, Marsha wrote “Thanks for everything… you’ve added a professional touch to this piece that I greatly appreciate.”

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