Flash Banners: Microsoft Windows Live®

Flash Banner "Grand Theft Auto IV"Microsoft has hired me for several 6- to 12-month contracts working on content for Xbox® and Windows Live.® Creating banners in Flash presents several challenges that I enjoy: incorporating good design, keeping the file size low for optimum delivery speed, and ensuring that all motion happens smoothly. Working in Microsoft’s FUSE Design Group, I was given considerable latitude executing these 3 banners.

For Fallout 3, I created layered clouds and moved them at different rates to add perspective. I also hit on the idea of the animated cockroaches, whose realistic motion makes them especially creepy. With Grand Theft Auto, I used a series of masks to create the patterns of distant headlights. As with the other 2 banners, Quantum of Solace uses scripted motion to achieve smooth movement and to conserve file size.

Tools used:

  • Adobe Flash with ActionScript
  • Adobe Photoshop