Flash: Nancy Drew Game Browser


Nancy Drew Game Browser for Her Interactive®. Click to see the interactive Flash module in context.

I was given a storyboard and assets, including PSD and video clips. The task was to create a scrollable, interactive game browser with e-commerce links so that viewers could browse the Nancy Drew games by HerInteractive, watch a video preview of each game, and go to the order page.

I combined Flash with xml so that game titles, logos, videos, and other assets could be easily added without the need to revise the Flash file.

My Role:

  • Worked with art director at Microsoft to work up precise specifications
  • Suggested and implemented the Flash/XML hybrid for simple extensibility
  • Customized the Flash media player to display the video previews
  • Extracted assets from Photoshop file to use in the Flash

Tools Used:

  • Flash with ActionScript
  • Photoshop
  • XML hand-coded