Flash Uniform Builder

The Matman Wrestling Company's Uniform Builder. Click to design your own uniform.

The Matman Wrestling Company’s Uniform Builder. Click to design your own uniform.

I created a design-your-own-uniform Flash app for the Matman Wrestling Company over 10 years ago. The design, coding, and components were all built from scratch.

At the time, efficient loading of lightweight assets was a prime concern. It was also important to pack a lot of features into a small space, accommodating smaller displays and combining many activities into one panel. Since then, I’ve updated it to take advantage of larger displays.

See the Interactive Flash Online.

Project Features Included

  • User can select from any style uniform and color it using stock colors
  • Ability to add logos and team name (or other text)
  • The app remembers and applies all choices when user selects a different style
  • Final image and all choices are reformatted for printing an order sheet (at the time, the client was not interested in the ability to place online orders)

My Role

  • Helped the client understand Flash’s capabilities and limitations
  • Within that context, developed a list of features and a flow diagram for interactivity
  • Created all graphic and typographic elements
  • Coded hundreds of lines of ActionScript to tie it all together

Tools Used

  • Flash
  • ActionScript
  • Photoshop
  • HTML (hand-coded)
  • JavaScript (for Flash detection and embedding)