Postcard: 4×6 Photo Exhibit Announcement

4x6 Photo exhibition announcement. Click for larger version.

4×6 photo exhibit announcement. Click for 920×613 version.

Here’s my design for a 4×6″ postcard announcing a  show of my nature photography (see it larger)

There’s something indisputably eye-catching about a wild animal turning to look at you. It’s a shot I’m always looking for—in this case, the animal was a Red-tailed Hawk, our most common hawk in the Northwest but one whose intensity never feels commonplace.

I used Photoshop to stitch several shots together: the bird in Seattle, the grassy field in Mazama, the view of the North Cascades, and one of the many sky shots I keep for this sort of use. Selective blurring and desaturation gave me the background I needed to make the copy legible without it overshadowing the photo.

Tools Used:

  • Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom
  • Camera equipment:
    • Canon 5D Mark II
    • Canon 100-400mm L-series lens

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