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“The quality of the work was superb. It doesn’t get better than that.”—David Farkas, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Dep’t. of Human Centered Design & Engineering, University of Washington, commenting on the interactive course “Biological Information Handling: Essentials for Engineers.”


I’ve used Adobe Flash and ActionScript for over 10 years to create everything from Flash banners to award-winning, graduate-level courseware. I strive for an uncluttered look, smooth animation, and efficient downloads. A decade ago, low-bandwidth connections mandated efficient use of file size. In today’s mobile environments, that concern is a priority once again.

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Flash Kiosk: Seattle Museum of Flight

Flash kiosk at the Museum of Flight. Click for larger, uncropped version.

Flash kiosk at the Museum of Flight. Click for larger, uncropped version.

When Seattle’s Museum of Flight set out to install their International Space Station (ISS) exhibit, they hired me to design and develop the Flash content delivery system for an interactive, touch-screen kiosk. Read more

Flash: Nancy Drew Game Browser


Nancy Drew Game Browser for Her Interactive®. Click to see the interactive Flash module in context.

I was given a storyboard and assets, including PSD and video clips. The task was to create a scrollable, interactive game browser with e-commerce links so that viewers could browse the Nancy Drew games by HerInteractive, watch a video preview of each game, and go to the order page. Read more

Flash Banners: Microsoft Windows Live®

Flash Banner "Grand Theft Auto IV"Microsoft has hired me for several 6- to 12-month contracts working on content for Xbox® and Windows Live.® Creating banners in Flash presents several challenges that I enjoy: incorporating good design, keeping the file size low for optimum delivery speed, and ensuring that all motion happens smoothly. Working in Microsoft’s FUSE Design Group, I was given considerable latitude executing these 3 banners. Read more

Flash Banners: Amazon Kindle Fire HD®

Kindle Fire HD®I was on assignment to an agency tasked with creating Flash banners for the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire HD. My job was to have the banners finalized for release in a couple of days. Meanwhile, Amazon was still reviewing and changing the designs daily. There was no time to use Flash’s traditional timeline-based approach—instead, I programmed all motion and timing modularly, using Adobe Flash ActionScript. Read more

E-Courseware: Biology for Engineers (University of Washington)

Click below to take the award-winning course, Biological Information Handling: Essentials for EngineersThis award-winning online learning module was created by an interdisciplinary team at University of Washington. Built in Flash, the interactive course teaches graduate engineering students learn about molecular biology through the use of:

  • Interactive graphics
  • Audio narration
  • Video content
  • Drag-and-drop exercises
  • Multiple-choice exams (with built-in remediation)
  • Dynamic placeholders that allow learning to span multiple sessions
    Read more