Website: Duvall House Concerts

Duvall House Concerts Site. Click for larger image, or visit

When my wife and I moved to Duvall, Washington, we noticed there were not many local venues for live music. We decided to host a series of concerts in our home, where we could feature some of our favorite area musicians in a friendly setting. It’s been a great way to contribute to our community while promoting something dear to us: music.

The website promotes upcoming concerts, accepts seat reservations, displays photos and videos of past concerts, and includes a contact form.

I write all copy on the website, which we use in conjunction with Facebook announcements, MailChimp emails, and local press releases.


Tools Used:

  • WordPress platform
  • Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom
  • Dreamweaver
  • Firebug, CSS, and PHP (all three to effect visual and functional changes to the site)
  • Camera equipment: Canon 5D Mark III Digital SLR and various lenses
  • Facebook, MailChimp, and local press releases to leverage promotional impact.