YouTube: A Guided Visualization Exercise

YouTube: Guided Visualization at

My website client Carolyn Koehnline wanted to give prospective clients a sense of her psychotherapeutic style. Since she uses guided visualization in her work, I suggested offering one exercise as a video.

YouTube integrates easily with websites and social media, and its built-in search engine affords excellent visibility. Straightforward but effective, the video provides a personalized experience in a popular format.

View the guided visualization:

My Role

  • Educated the client about the roles of various social media and helped her select YouTube as the most appropriate medium for her needs
  • Set up lighting, backdrop, video camera, and auxiliary audio recorder
  • Coached the client about performing on-camera
  • Recorded video and audio
  • Created opening and closing titles
  • Edited, uploaded final product, and embedded it on the client’s website

Tools Used

  • DSLR with HD video recording capability
  • Digital audio recorder
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Audition (sound editing program)
  • Premiere
  • To embed the YouTube on the client’s website: WordPress, CSS, and HTML